Our services

Management system

digitAgri is in a category of business-management software—typically a suite of integrated application—that an organization/cooperative can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities, including: production planning, purchase, inventory management, marketing, sales, service delivery and shipping and payment, finance

Financial services

digitAgri  is playing a major role in financial inclusion of farmers in partnership with financial institutions, it provides necessary data, so farmers can get access to financial services in an easy way and access to their bank account through mobile phones or their membership cards “Smart Farmer”.


digitAgri is  a mobile and web based agriculture application that will connect all sort of buyers of agricultural products and  smallholder producers selling them through their Cooperatives.The application will allow consumers, medium and big  wholesalers to be able to purchase products from the web or a mobile phone with advanced features.

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What else we provide?

Market information

Information is especially important to all value chain actors in agriculture and flows in two directions: markets inform producers of price, quantity and quality needs, product handling and technology options, while producers inform processors and markets on production quantities, locations, timing and production issues.


As an ICT Solutions company, AfroVector ltd also envisages to offer e-learning programs and trainings for the actors in the value chains.The actors in the value chains therefore need to be mobilized, assessed, funded, networked, educated, coordinated etc.

About us

DigitAgri is a mobile and web-based application that manages and aggregates payment and billing solutions that not only meet the needs of the agricultural market but also transform the whole agricultural ecosystem by creating:

a) a database of all farmers with relevant information and insights,
b) a digital process to manage farmer’s stock,
c) an automatic and cashless payment process,
d) financial opportunities and services for farmers,
e) SMS notifications to farmers and stakeholders on prices, payments, transactions and weather indicators; and
f) learning an development avenues for farmers g)and connects the demand and the supply of agriculture products

Who we are

digitAgri is run under AfroVector ltd, a company specialized in providing product and service driven consultancy services in ICT. We develop and implement management systems and technical solutions based on Open Standard Driven Technologies to address your business needs.

Our solutions ensure that our clients retain their competitive edge, cut down on costs and improve their efficiency and profitability being the essence of any business aspirations.

AfroVector Ltd offers its customers a wide range of technology solutions which include but not limitedto; management systems, digital finance services,highly scalable web-based products that enable the rapid analysis and secure storage of both structured and unstructured data especially in Agriculture sector.

Our Mission

To drastically increase smallholder producers and stakeholder incomes, through modernization and improved efficiency in productivity to reduce poverty
To mobilize the agricultural value chains with a view to building farmers and stakeholder, sustainability and competitiveness. To offer our clients convenient and reliable solutions guided by the principle of low-cost, high value service provision through the application of innovative methods and innovative technologies in ICT.

Our Vision

We envisage to offer our services to clients in the East African region beginning with Rwanda, but poised to expand our operations to the rest of the African continent and beyond. Thus the name Afro Vector Ltd.Our research shows that Rwanda like the rest of the sub-Saharan Africa depends largely on agriculture. The actors in the value chains therefore need to be mobilized, assessed, funded, networked, educated, coordinated etc. This insurmountable task can be done best through the use of emerging technologies in ICT like.

Our impact

The biggest impact DigitAgri is having is by empowering farmers and turning them into a well-educated generation of farmers that are becoming business oriented - with the strong DigitAgri market information system. Today, a farmer through DigitAgri can have access to different necessary information on the market and other services like financial services thought our plateform.